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Acknowledgement from LOC to Participants

We appreciate all the participants to attend and contribute to the ISDEIV2023.
Enjoy your stay in Okinawa, have a safe trip home, and see you in next ISDEIV!

Welcome address

The 30th International Symposium on Discharge and Electrical Insulation in Vacuum (ISDEIV) will be held in Okinawa, Japan.


- 2023/10/17 Sincere thank Prof. Yamano, Secretary of ISDEIV2023 for his great efforts to ISDEIV2023.
- 2023/7/31 Paper submission for Special Issue - Electrical Discharges in Vacuum – 2024 in IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science (TPS) has been linked. The deadline for the submission is September 30th , 2023.
- 2023/7/4 IEEE DEIS YP event in ISDEIV2023 has been introduced in Linkedin.
- 2023/6/30 Announcement: NEXT ISDEIV will be held in Chengdu, China.
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- 2023/6/24 Notice for the presentation time.
- 2023/6/22 Announcement for Special Issue - Electrical Discharges in Vacuum – 2024 in IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science .
- 2023/6/22 ISDEIV2023_proceedings can be downloaded here. (PW required).
- 2023/6/21 Program_230620 has been updated.
- 2023/6/12 Application deadline of "Best Film Award" has been extended to June 14, 2023.
- 2023/5/26 Information for the poster prestentation: Preparation of poster_230617
- 2023/5/26 Important remind: Application deadline of "Best Film Award" is approaching! (May 31, 2023)
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- 2023/5/23 Preliminary program_230523 has been updated.
- 2023/5/11 Information about "Workshop" held on Jun. 25. has been updated.
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- 2023/5/2 Important notice about submission of FINAL VERSION of your manuscript:
       For the publication of your paper on IEEE Xplore, please submit the final version of your manuscript by May 14th,
       which should be processed by IEEE PDF eXpress.
       Follow the submission guideline below.
       NOTE: only presented papers will be published in IEEE Xplore Digital Library as the conference proceedings.

- 2023/4/24 For those who have not yet submitted their fullpaper, it can be submitted until Apr. 30.
- 2023/4/21 Information of DEIS Young Professional (YP)event:
      Lunchoen seminar will be held in Jun. 25th (Sun). In the registration page, you can find the participation.
      → about DEIS-YP
- 2023/3/22 Important notice for registration
      The early bird discount for participation fees will be extended from March 24 to May 1.
- 2023/3/15 Application deadline of "Best Film Award" has been extended. (Mar. 15, 2023, Apr. 15 May 31, 2023)
- 2023/3/13 Fullpaper submission has been extended. (Deadline: Mar. 15 Mar. 22, 2023)
- 2023/3/9 Important notice for VISA: Please refer to the following.
       Ministory of Foreign Affairs of Japan:
       Due to the current situation, we recommend you to apply as early as possible.
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- 2023/1/26 Submission and application method about Best Film Award was informed.
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Welcome message of the LOC chairperson

As the chairman of the local organising committee, I would like to welcome you all to the 30th International Symposium on Discharges and Electrical Insulation in Vacuum, ISDEIV2023. ISDEIV was founded in 1964 and will be celebrating its thirtieth anniversary this year.

We have received nearly 200 abstracts, and we are expecting that the latest research findings on vacuum insulation and discharge phenomena will be presented at the symposium. Despite several challenges, such as the COVID-19 pandemic and regional wars, you have sent us your significant research findings. I sincerely acknowledge your active participation at this time and wish for the continual progress of these technological and scientific field activities.

As stated in the by-laws of ISDEIV, the symposia have been held worldwide in even numbered-years since its inception. Therefore, when I proposed the 30th symposium in Okinawa, Japan, I intended for it to be held in 2022. However, because of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, the 29th symposium in Italy was postponed to 2021, and the 30th symposium was rescheduled for 2023.

I believe that the year 2022 has profound significance. After remaining occupied for a long time following World War II, the Okinawa islands were returned to Japan in 1972. The year 2022 marked the 50th anniversary of the reversion of Okinawa to Japan. Also, this year I turned 70. I truly felt the profundity and prepared the symposium; nevertheless, we were forced to postpone it to the following year. Despite such unexpected personal disappointments, I am delighted to hold this symposium in a face-to-face format. I hope that this symposium will be one of the definitive proofs of humanity’s victory over the unprecedented pandemic.

I believe that the significance of conducting symposia in a face-to-face format is as follows.
We would like to encourage younger engineers and researchers working in academic fields. For this purpose, we will provide them with numerous opportunities, such as the opportunity of talking and listening directly to famous scientists or researchers at the symposia venues or obtaining unwritten information in published papers from them. Moreover, we will take them to the most prestigious research institutes and industrial facilities. We also invite well-known researchers from around the world. For example, we will visit the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology, Churaumi Aquarium, where there is one of the biggest fish tanks in the world, and Bankoku Shinryoukan, which hosted the Okinawa Summit. We will schedule as many face-to-face sessions as possible for you all. Please make these occasions beneficial.

As is well known, to realise a sustainable society, which is a common goal, we should utilise vacuum insulation and discharge technologies in various industries. I think this is the main message that ISDEIV has been constantly sending out.

I would like to propose the slogan of this symposium:‘Vacuum Insulation and Discharge Technology for Environment-Friendly Electric Power Systems.

Welcome to the subtropical and tranquil islands of Okinawa.

Eiji Kaneko, the LOC chairperson of ISDEIV2023

Welcome address of the PISC chairperson

I am pleased to invite you to participate in the 30th International Symposium on Discharges and Electrical Insulation in Vacuum (ISDEIV2023), which will be held in in Okinawa, Japan, from 25th to 30th June 2023. I am excited our community can finally meet in person, after three years of the COVID-19 pandemic disruption.

ISDEIV is an international forum with a long history of scientific exchange and advancement. Since the first Symposium in 1964, ISDEIV has been held every 2 years. The vision for ISDEIV is to encourage the advancement of the science and application of electrical insulation and discharges in vacuum, primarily through exchange of scientific information and data exchange. Over the past 60 years, ISDEIV has played an important role in advancing scientific progress, fostering technological innovation and application, and cultivating young talent in the field.

As we move into a future with greater climate change challenges and increasing demands for clean energy, the theme of ISDEIV becomes even more relevant. Higher voltage level vacuum switching technology is highly anticipated in order to achieve more environmentally friendly switching devices. A variety of accelerators and reactors for fusion energy have put forward higher demands on the science and technology of vacuum insulation and discharge. I hope the greatest minds in our community can continue to push forward the frontier of this field.

On behalf of the Permanent International Scientific Committee of ISDEIV, I hope this symposium will provide all the participants an opportunity to discuss their progress and latest developments, as well as the challenges our field will encounter in the future. We encourage and welcome ISDEIV participants to take advantage of all sessions, workshop, and panel discussions.

I look forward to seeing you all in Okinawa this year.

Shenli Jia, Chairperson of Permanent International Scientific Committee of ISDEIV

Generals of the ISDEIV2023

The International Symposium on Discharge and Electrical Insulation in Vacuum (ISDEIV) is a non-profit, international organization whose purpose is to encourage the advancement of the science and application of electrical insulation and discharges in vacuum, primarily by conducting symposia for the exchange of scientific information. The Symposia are held biennially. They are interdisciplinary meetings for the exchange of results, presentation of progress, and discussion of ideas and challenges for the future in the field of electrical discharges and insulation in vacuum. Both fundamental and applied aspects are covered. Symposia program consist of invited talks, invited oral contributions, and posters. Minicourses and informal discussions on relevant topics may also be offered in addition to the regular Symposium schedule.

Date June 25th (Sun) - 30th (Fri), 2023 (tentative)
Venue Okinawa Jichikaikan (Okinawa Pref. Municipal Center), 116-37, Asahimachi, Naha, Okinawa 900-0029, Japan
Host Local Organizing Committee of ISDEIV2023
Banquet TBD
Publication Special Issue of IEEE Trans. on Plasma Science

ISDEIV2023 Location PR


・The Dyke Award is administered to recognize an individual contributor to the science or application of electrical discharges or electrical insulation in vacuum for a body of significant contributions.
・The Chatterton Award is administered to recognize outstanding achievement of young investigators in the field of discharges and electrical insulation in vacuum and to encourage young scientists and engineers to enter this field.
・The "ISDEIV Best Paper Award – Japan Prize" is administered to recognize the most significant contribution of the past Symposium of ISDEIV. Significance will be judged by scientific or technological novelty and the likely impact on the fields of electrical discharges and electrical insulation in vacuum.
・The Best Film Award is administered to recognize the use of modern visualization techniques in particular movies and animation sequences in the field of discharges and electrical insulation in vacuum.

Walter P. Dyke Award

Any worker in the field may nominate a candidate. The nomination should be in the form of a letter to the Chair of the Awards Committee (currently Prof. Rene Smeets, mail to: rene.smeets(at), detailing the contribution of the candidate, and its significance. Publicity about the award should be included in each symposium proceedings, and in other media as appropriate. The deadline for nomination is November 30 of the year before the symposium.

Paul A. Chatterton Young Investigator Award

To be eligible for the Paul A. Chatterton Young Investigator Award, the candidate must
- be under the age of 35 as of the closing date of the symposium;
- present a paper at the ISDEIV in the Paul A. Chatterton Award Poster Session, of which he or she is either the sole author, or the first author of a multi-author paper (submission of a single-author paper is strongly encouraged).

Best Paper Award - Japan Prize

A. The contributions must be
- presented at the symposium
- included in the Proceedings of the symposium in award-worthy quality.
- An altered and expanded version of the symposium contribution is required to be accepted for publication in a peer reviewed journal as determined by PISC. As of 2012, IEEE Transactions of Plasma Science (TPS) and IEEE Transactions of Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation (DEI) continue to be the designated peer-reviewed journals. Authors of TPS Special Issue will be automatically considered. Authors of manuscripts to DEI are requested to inform the Chair of the Awards Committee, Prof. Rene Smeets (rene.smeets(at), of the acceptance of manuscript. This will help the committee to not overlook candidates.
B. One contribution and one alternate will be nominated by the Awards Committee, a subcommittee of PISC. The Awards Committee will consult with the IEEE Guest Editors and PISC members. PISC members or Award Committee members who are nominated are excluded from any further discussions of the nomination and selection process.
C. The nominated contribution and the possible alternate will be recommended by the Award Committee to PISC for final confirmation and approval.
D. The PISC will make the final determination at its "interim meeting" (via e-mail or phone conference) between the Symposia. The Chair and Secretary of PISC are responsible for the organizing this meeting.

Best Film Award

To be eligible for the Best Film Award, the candidate must present a paper at the ISDEIV symposium, in which the film is part of the work.

Application for Best Film Award of ISDEIV2023
- The Film must be in AVI, MPEG-4, MOV or WMV format, and film duration must not be more than 5 minutes viewing time.
- Authors should apply the Best Film Award via e-mail with the subject of "Application for Best Film Award of ISDEIV2023".
 E-mail: isdeiv2023<at> ("<at>" should be replaced "@")
- Application deadline: March 15, April 15, May 31
June 14, 2023
- Film file submission deadline: May 31, 2023 (Generally one month before the start date of the symposium)
You can refer further information here.


Registration is now available. (2022/12/15).
- Note that accommodation reservations can also be made through the registration system. (Hotel candidates.pdf)
- Programs for accompanying person will be available.

- Official Okinawa Travel Guide (in left column of this website) would greatly be helpful and attractive to know the symposium venue!

Registration fee

Membership Registration fee
Early bird

IEEE Member JPY55,000 JPY65,000
non-IEEE Member JPY70,000 JPY80,000
Student JPY25,000 JPY35,000
Accompanying person - JPY25,000
Retired person JPY25,000 JPY35,000
- Registration fee for early bird can be applied until March 24 May 1, 2023.
- If payment is not completed by Early Bird payment due date, it will automatically be switchd to Regular fee.
- Retired Person is required over 70 years old only.


- Note that the registration fee once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances.


Please refer to the website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan:
Considering the current situation, we strongly recommend that all participants from China start the necessary procedures as soon as possible.
The Secretariat will start VISA application process for the participants from April. Please complete your participation registration for ISDEIV2023 first!

Abstract/Paper submission

Note on submission of FINAL VERSION of your manuscript
Step 1: Before Creating a PDF
    ・Add the copyright notice (© 2023 The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan.) to the bottom of the first page of your source document.      (example: docx, pdf)
     - Easy way for authors having used the MS-Word template on this site:
      [Insert]tub --> [Footer] --> [Edit Footer], then check [Different First Page]
    ・Proofread your source document thoroughly to confirm that it will require no revision.

Step 2: Creating your PDF eXpress Account
    ・Log in to the IEEE PDF eXpressTM site
    ・First-time users should do the following:
     1. Select the New Users. Click Here link.
     2. Enter the following: 55268X for the Conference ID, your email address and a password
     3. Continue to enter information as prompted.
An Online confirmation will be displayed and an email confirmation will be sent verifying your account setup.
Previous users of PDF eXpress need to follow the above steps, but should enter the same password that was used for previous conferences.
Verify that your contact information is valid.

Step 3: Submission of your processed PDF
     ・The FINAL VERSION of your manuscript processed by PDF eXpress should be submitted by the same way as your previous manuscript
      at ISDEIV2023 full paper submission site.
     ・We request that the file name of your submitting final version includes Paper ID and is as following style: "IS230001-final.pdf".

Conference template

- Make sure the header "30th International Symposium on Discharges and Electrical Insulatoin in Vacuum" is included.
- Papers submitted to ISDEIV2023 should be A4 paper size. Please use [conference, a4paper] option for IEEEtran.cls document class in LaTeX.

Proceedings of ISDEIV2023

You are requried for a password to download the proceedings.
- ISDEIV2023_Proceedings_ver.4.pdf
  High resolution, table of contents linked to each proceeding with "Back botton" in footer
- ISDEIV2023_Proceedings_ver.3.pdf
  High resolution, table of contents linked to each proceeding
- ISDEIV2023_Proceedings_ver.1.pdf
  Low resolution, table of contents unlinked to each proceeding

Program of ISDEIV2023

- Program_230620.pdf
- Program at a glance_230526.pdf
- Preliminary program_230523.pdf

Workshop [Jun. 25 (Sun)]

 10:30-12:00 @Mercure Hotel OKINAWA NAHA
 "Optical Diagnostics of Electrical Discharge and Insulation in Vacuum"
 Prof. Akiko Kumada and Prof. Yuki Inada

 14:00-17:20 @Mercure Hotel OKINAWA NAHA
 "Presenting Your Research Effectively"
 Prof. Raymond L. BOXMAN

  Note that on Jun. 25, the registration will also be done at the same venue of Mercure Hotel.

Presentation time

 All speakers are asked to keep to their allocated time.
 Special oral presentations: 22 minutes, 2 minutes for questions and answers, 1 minute for movement
 (*Subject to change depending on the presenter)
 General oral presentation: 12 minutes, 2 minutes for Q&A, 1 minute for movement

Key Dates

Deadline for abstract submission September 15 October 31, 2022
Nortification of abstract acceptance December 15, 2022
Deadline for full paper submission March 15 22, 2023
Nortification of full paper acceptance April 7, 2023


A1. Vacuum breakdown and pre-breakdown phenomena
A2. Surface discharges and flashover phenomena
B1. Switching in vacuum and related phenomena
B2. Interaction of vacuum arcs with magnetic fields
B3. Vacuum arc physics
B4. Computer modeling and computer aided design
B5. Pulsed power physics and technology
C1. Vacuum interrupters and their applications
C2. Surface science and modification and related technologies
C3. Electron, ion, neutron, X-ray and other beam and light sources
C4. Accelerator and fusion reactor related issues
C5. Space related technologies
C6. Vacuum microelectronics and their applications

Invited speakers (To be added)

Presentation title
ISDEIV2023 ISDEIV2023 Prof. Emer. Yoshio Saito
High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK),
Vacuum technology for constructing large-scaled systems
ISDEIV2023 ISDEIV2023 Prof. Hitoshi Kuninaka
Institute of Space and Astronautical Science,
State-of-the-art Ion Engine onboard Hayabusa/Hayabusa2 Asteroid Explorers
- Design Philosophy for Discharge and Electrical Insulation -
ISDEIV2023 ISDEIV2023 Prof. Lijun Wang
State Key Laboratory of Electrical Insulation and Power Equipment, Xi'an Jiaotong University,
P. R. China
Numerical simulation of multi-components vacuum arcs with different anode modes
ISDEIV2023 ISDEIV2023 Dr. Sergey Gortschakow
Leibniz institute for plasma science and technology (INP),
Optical diagnostics of switching vacuum arcs
ISDEIV2023 ISDEIV2023 Dr. Hitoshi Saito
Development of High voltage VCBs as a candidate for SF6 free switching equipment
ISDEIV2023 ISDEIV2023 Dr. Thomas Heinz
Siemens Energy Global GmbH & Co. KG,
Why vacuum technology is not a simple scaling from MV to HV?
ISDEIV2023 ISDEIV2023 Dr. Andreas Kyritsakis
Institute of Technology, University of Tartu (UT),
Understanding vacuum arc ignition by concurrent multi-physics simulations
ISDEIV2023 ISDEIV2023 Dr. Gianluigi Serianni
Consorzio RFX,
Overview of the Neutral Beam Injector for ITER
ISDEIV2023 ISDEIV2023 Dr. Soichiro Matsunaga
Research & Development Group, Hitachi Ltd.,
High-voltage engineering in vacuum and with electron beams for Scanning electron microscope

Flyers - Call for Papers



Permanent International Scientific Committee -PISC

Name Country
Shenli JIA P.R. China Chair
Alexander BATRAKOV Russia Vice Chair
Michael KURRAT Germany Secretary
Matthew M. HOPKINS USA Treasurer
René P.P. SMEETS Netherlands Awards Comm. Chair
Raymond L. BOXMAN Israel
Antonio DE LORENZI Italy
Flyura DJURABEKOVA Finland
Edgar DULLNI Germany
Leslie T. FALKINGHAM United Kingdom
Eiji KANEKO Japan
Sandeep KULKARNI India
Akiko KUMADA Japan
Sergej SHKOL'NIK Russia
Dirk UHRLANDT Germany
Satoru YANABU Japan (R. P. China)
Jiyan ZOU P. R. China

Local Organizing Committee -LOC

Name Affiliation
Eiji Kaneko University of the Ryukyus Chair
Akiko Kumada The University of Tokyo Vice Chair
Yasushi Yamano Saitama University Secretary
Hiroki Kojima Nagoya University Editor of Proceedings
Shigemi Harada University of the Ryukyus
Satoru Yanabu Xi'an Jiaotong University
Shinichi Kobayashi Saitama University
Shin Kajita The University of Tokyo
Toru Iwao Tokyo City University
Yuki Inada Saitama University
Kazuhiro Toyoda Kyushu Institute of Technology
Hiroshi Akatsuka Tokyo Institute of Technology
Masahiro Sasaki University of Tsukuba
Takayasu Fujino University of Tsukuba
Yasunori Tanaka Kanazawa University
Yusuke Nakano Kanazawa Universtiy
Hiroyuki Iwabuchi Shonan Institute of Technology
Yoshimitsu Niwa Toshiba Infrastructure Systems & Solutions Corporation
Naoki Asari Toshiba Infrastructure Systems & Solutions Corporation
Akira Daibo Toshiba Infrastructure Systems & Solutions Corporation
Kota Hamada Toshiba Infrastructure Systems & Solutions Corporation
Hajime Urai Daido University
Hiroshi Morita Hitachi, Ltd.
Kunihiko Tomiyasu Hitachi, Ltd.
Hirotaka Torii Fuji Electric CO., LTD.
Taiki Donen Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
Tetsuo Abe KEK
Kumi Nitta JAXA
Atsushi Kojima QST
Katsuhisa Murakami AIST

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